Art Direction, Branding, Photography
Reina Semilla
Branding, Photography, Graphic Design
Forest Garden Organics
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Illustration for "Düsseldorf Bäder"
Graphic Design, Illustration
TAU Workshop
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
GrammarSutra / Episodes
Animation, Character Design, Illustration
GrammarSutra / Lessons you'll never forget
Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration
Swimming Pool promotion material
Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Art Direction
be posh / E-cig Branding
Branding, Digital Photography, Graphic Design
Google Transface
Art Direction, Character Design, Illustration
Orientation system for Rheinblick 741
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Architecture
Radio from Ray Bradbury
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Typography
B&L's Wedding
Graphic Design, Crafts, Print Design
BONDI Silkscreen Bags
Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design
Annual Report for Düsseldorf Bäder
Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Icon Design
Graphic Design, Crafts, Print Design
How to be a vegetarian?
Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography
Information Graphics
Graphic Design, Typography
a new chance 4 kids
Character Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Guide to bike around Copenhagen
Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography
Illustrations for City-Guide AG
Experimental book
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Geometric Pattern - Silkscreen
Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design
Illustrations for Karstadt
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Illustration
Art Direction, Film, Typography
Tango 1978
Branding, Fashion, Graphic Design
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