Have you ever thought about using sexual
organs to learn a language?

Under the slogan “GrammarSutra, lessons you’ll never forget”, this project proposes a new way of learning German: a series of animated webisodes where the “actors” are objects with genitals, as male -DER- or female -DIE- (for neutral -DAS- without genitalia). As in traditional grammar books, the stories take place in everyday life scenes, in which the objects are involved in bizarre sexual situations. This way, you can memorize the German articles in a funny way.

Watch the complete series here:
Lesson 1 - The Big Banged

First there was nothing and then…The Big Banged is our version of the story of how the universe was created: It all happened because of an small accident between the sun and the moon. Warning: Some of this footage might be disturbing for scientists.
Lesson 2 - Dirty Dishes

The kitchen at nights can be a very hot place...As hot as a dessert. A tea cup is is sweating next to a water boiler and enjoying this heat until her eye catches a saltshaker. He is practicing his dance and He is very cute and naughty. She doesn’t hesitate to make a move on him and they start having some adult fun!
Lesson 3: Happy Ending

The popcorn and the beer are in the movies. Next to then sits a nacho. The movie begins and for the surprise of the popcorn and beer it’s not what they expected to see..It’s actually an adult-film. The nacho doesn’t seem surprised by what he sees! He unzips his pans and starts to have fun! 
Bonus lesson: The Cocks live

We really liked our characters from the Happy endings episode so we decided to put create an extra lesson with them: In this lesson they form a rock band named The cocks”! They perform live their Greatest hit “The dative prepositions”, which is a remake of a classic lullaby with a touch of german grammar.
Lesson 4: Flight nr. 69

The belt of the baggage carousel at the airport is moving..A big brown and masculine suitcase is parading and showing off his physical aspects. After a while an athletic green backpack is entering the carousel listening to pop music. Love at first site was inevitable..
Lesson 5: You make me sweat

A coconut is swimming in the sea, minding her own business. When she suddenly she sees a shark in the distance! She is scared to death! But for her good fortune an ice cream is watching from the observation tower. 
Director: Claire Steka
Illustration: Claire Steka & Victoria Casafus
Animation: Arjen van der Wal (Lead) & Nadine Ihde
Compositing: Arjen van der Wal
Music & Sound: Roman Fleischer
Graphic Design: Victoria Casafus
Scripts: Federico Vico & Jessie Neubauer
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