Gilofa is a travel and every day compression sock and stockings brand from Ofa Bamberg. The brand has a different range of products -Travel, Style, 2000 & Fine- each of them worn in different situations. 

The concept behind the photo shooting reflects the every day life situations where the product is generally used. Compression socks are bought by a very wide age range of people, but still the subject is mostly tabú or portrayed in an old fashion way. I intended to bring this delicate and practical product to life and portray as what it is… a suitable product for everyone and every day.

Summer deco
Styling and art direction were carefully planned in advance in order to have an effective and precise shooting. I chose very specific items -props and coloured backgrounds- which I wanted to play with. 

The flags were 100% created in-house; I built the spheres covered with the compression socks material and then photographed them... it was quite fun and challenging!

Double sided banners

Winter deco

Double sided banners


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